An international organization of scholars and artists to recover, research, publish, and otherwise disseminate the slave texts of Latin America and the Caribbean and to produce scholarly, popular and educational programs inspired in these texts The ultimate objective is to unite the corpus of all the slave expression of all the Americas. The focus on Latin America, at this point of the mission, is to catch up with the considerably more developed collection and research of the North American slave writings and expressions.


Any person, either born in Latin American or born elsewhere, who was enslaved at any time during the chattel slavery periods in any of the colonies and nations in Latin America. Most slaves are of African and Native American origins, as well as others from Asia and elsewhere.

Slave Text:
Any text written or voiced by a Latin American slaves or ex-slave, including autographic texts, narratives, testimony, letters, petitions, diaries, lyrics, dictation, interviews, transcription, or any recorded slave-authored words.

Latin America:
All of South American, American and Caribbean colonies or nations.

Related fields:

Slavery studies, Latin American history Black history, Trans-Atlantic and Trans- Pacific studies, Latin American literature, Native American studies, Asian American studies, North American slave studies, and other pertinent disciplines.

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