International Group for the
Recovery of the Slave Texts of
Latin and Caribbean Americas

Members of the Group met on 27 March 2003 in a workshop at the LASA congress in Dallas, Texas. We unanimously affirmed our principle of freely publishing to the world the results of our international and interdisciplinary recovery and research of the slave texts of Latin and Caribbean Americas.

One of our decisions is to conduct a survey of the scholars currently working with slave texts, which will yield a public and voluntary directory. The survey results and a bibliography of slave texts already published or located will provide us with the basic status of the corpus of slave texts.

While searching for a publisher of the series of slave texts we uncover, we are also preparing proposals for serious fundraising.

The LASA workshop included scholars already engaged in the study of slave texts and researchers new to the field. Some generously offered to devote portions of their grants to work on the mission.

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A Partida para A Roça
Brazil Pitoresco. Album de visitas, paisagens, monumentos, costumes, etc. Paris: Lemercier, 1861

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